Manabi News

Manabi Reader 3.3 and the Future

Welcome to Manabi Reader 3.3, and the launch of Manabi News.

The Manabi News blog will publish major product updates and other occasional big ideas. Stay tuned for much more throughout 2024.

Manabi also has a Discord server now: Join to give feedback or to get help with the apps.

In terms of what’s new in the apps, the major feature in Manabi Reader 3.3 is the Ebook mode which currently supports EPUB-format ebooks.

Another highly-requested feature is the ability to import and export your learning progress data. Save all your familiar vocab and kanji as a CSV that you can open in other apps, for transferring your progress, running your own analysis, or just to save another back-up outside iCloud. You can also import texts of vocab or kanji that you already know.

The update also resolves stability and performance issues.

Stay tuned, we’re just getting started.

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